(Romance / Drama)
Available Worldwide excluding North America, China, South Africa, South Korea.

SYNOPSIS: Thirty-something Elizabeth must decide whether to salvage her disappointing relationship with Drew. Meanwhile, Bea, a worrisome teenager, reconnects with her introverted childhood friend, Andy at their high school prom. Past and present collide as two couples explore love over the course of one night at a hotel.

CAST: Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabelle Fuhrman, Kyle Allen, Kell
Available Worldwide excluding North America, Lat Am and Middle East.

Eric Balfour stars as Ryan Hinds in this Horrific Thriller!

SYNOPSIS: Stock broker Ryan Hinds awakes inside a sealed industrial kiln. A mysterious voice sets out a seemingly impossible task: deliver one million dollars in two hours or the temperature in the kiln will rise until Ryan is burned alive. Armed only with his cell phone, Ryan must find a way to deliver the money and survive the manipulation
Available Worldwide excluding North America, Lat Am and Middle East.

SYNOPSIS: Steve Walsh lives a life of luxury, built on the ruins of other people’s dreams. His targets never retaliate. But Peter Farrell is different — he's dangerous and has nothing to lose. Peter's life has been destroyed by Steve and he wants revenge. He will stop at nothing to get it and Steve’s previous life of wealth and opulence will disintegrate, never to return to normal again.
(Horror / Thriller)
Available Worldwide

SYNOPSIS: A young biologist suffering the loss of a child escapes suburbia in favor of the Australian bush. Amidst her grief she is offered the chance to be a mother again, only it comes at a cost.

CAST: Jessica Tovey, Dan Ewing, Roy Billing, Joel Franco, Taya Calder-Mason, Dean Kyrwood, Erin Connor

Available Worldwide excluding North America, Turkey and South Korea.

SYNOPSIS: When aging, sickly Birdie scares off her last caretaker, granddaughter Mallorie must move into her large Victorian home to take care of her. Mallorie soon finds herself sleepwalking and envisioning spirits. With no luck finding a proper caretaker to replace her, Mallorie is forced to confront her family’s darkest secrets before the evil presence in the house overtakes her sanity completely.
(Thriller / Drama)

SYNOPSIS: When unlikely neighbors are trapped in an elevator with a suspected Coronavirus victim, fear spreads among them faster than a virus.

CAST: Andrea Stefancikova, Andy Canete, Emy Aneke, Josh Blacker, Richard Lett, Traei Tsai, Zarina Sterling

Available Worldwide excluding North America

SYNOPSIS: Dance Fu Follows Chicago Pulaski Jones, a young dancer (Kel Mitchell) seeking fame and fortune in the big city, who gets sidetracked when his uncle is murdered by a crazy crime kingpin named Pretty-Eyed Willy.

CAST: Kel Mitchell, Cedric the Entertainer, Kat Graham, Tommy Davidson, Gary Anthony Sturgis, Ty Hodges, Jennifer D. Johnson, Duncan Tran, Affion Crockett
(Drama / Thriller)
Available Worldwide excluding North America, UK, Ex-Yugo, Benelux, Scandinavia, South Korea, Italy and China.

SYNOPSIS: Set against the backdrop of an international finance deal with profound social implications, THE DEBT tells the story of a wealthy American businessman who sets out to score the deal of a lifetime and gets entangled in a battle for land, money, and power in Peru.

CAST: Stephen Dorff, David Strathaim, Carlos Bardem, Alberto Ammann, Brooke Langton
Available Worldwide excluding North America, UK, Australia / NZ.

SYNOPSIS: When a talented actress fails to land the role of her dreams, she becomes obsessed with the up-and-comer who gets the part.

CAST: Christine Marzano, Andrew Lee Potts, Jonathan Forbes, Rachel Warren, Lex Shrapnel, Rhashan Stone, Ali Bastian, Yennis Cheung

(Romantic Comedy)
Available Worldwide excluding North America

SYNOPSIS: James gets evicted from his apartment and has no choice but to move in with his girlfriend of three months. He quickly discovers that she is everything he never wanted in a woman and enlists his best friends to find a relationship exit strategy...but there is only one problem; for Kim, breaking up just isn't an option.

CAST: Kevin Hart, Jameel Saleem, Big Boy, Quincy "Qdeezy" Harris, Kimelia Weathers, Noelle Balfour
Available Worldwide excluding North America.

SYNOPSIS: Wes Nolan alone holds the cure for a deadly virus that has brought the world to its knees. When he awakes in the wreck of a car crash, trapped within a warehouse sealed off from the rest of the world, he quickly realizes that his memories, among them the cure for the virus, have been wiped from his brain. Before he can save mankind, he must unlock his memories and release the cure hidden within.
(Romantic Comedy)
Available Worldwide excluding North America & South Korea.

SYNOPSIS: Manhattan Romance centers on Danny, a commercial editor and documentary filmmaker, as he attempts to finish his film, a study on modern relationships, while navigating the relationships in his own life.

CAST: Gaby Hoffman, Katherine Waterston, Caitlin Fitzgerald
(Comedy / Drama)
Available Worldwide excluding North America

SYNOPSIS: Wyatt is a struggling journalist who meets Fern, a mysterious girl living in her hatchback as she searches for her missing father. When Wyatt uses her story to advance his career, their new romance and his career are put in jeopardy.

CAST: Ericson Just, Larkin Bell, Will Gumm, Michelle Gallagher, Myles Cranford, Tommy Senter, Tim O’Leary, Sri Chilukuri, Michelle Bernard

(Dramedy / Crime)
Available Worldwide excluding North America & China.

SYNOPSIS: Cassidy is a struggling actress who worries that any chance at stardom may have already passed her by. Desperate to make enough money to move to Hollywood, she takes a job working as a runner for her mother's boyfriend, a diamond importer. When the money doesn’t come in fast enough, Cassidy gets involved in a diamond heist that quickly unravels.

CAST: Virginia Kull, Marilu Henner, Ed Begley Jr.,
(Horror / Comedy)
Available Worldwide excluding North America

SYNOPSIS: The Mugg Brothers inherited a brownstone apartment building. Their slacker ways have run it into the ground. Tenants are moving out, no one drinks at the bar downstairs, and the building's pets are going missing. If all that isn't enough to make them sit up and take notice, they soon discover a mysterious creature is hiding in the basement trying to eat every living thing in the building!
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