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Level 33 Entertainment is a Los Angeles based content sales and distribution company formed in 2010 to break the mold of the traditional Hollywood movie distribution model.

At Level 33, the mission is simple: focus on providing the highest level of quality independent film distribution in the industry. Level 33 distributes and sells content across all media platforms, including Theatrical, On Demand, DVD and Television. Our releases can be found in every major retail, rental and streaming account globally including: Amazon, Apple TV/iTunes, Netflix, Redbox, Google Play, VUDU, Playstation, Hulu, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, Spectrum, Tubi, XUMO, and Roku to name just a few.

Level 33 is committed to redefining the distribution landscape by custom tailoring our sales, marketing and release plans for each film we represent, rather than employing a one-size-fits-all mentality. This responsible, cost effective releasing approach provides each film the maximum opportunity to reach its target audience, thus creating a greater opportunity for success.

Level 33 works as a real partner to filmmakers and holds integrity as its highest core value. To that end, we offer the most competitive, filmmaker friendly distribution deals in the industry and provide clear and honest accounting with no surprises or hidden costs.

Lastly, Level 33 attends all major film festivals and markets.


Founder & CEO

SVP, Marketing & Product Management

Acquisitions Manager

International Sales Executive


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